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A hacker is known to build things, solve problems and not break or crack any system. The computer industry initially hired good programmers to make sure how to full proof their system. However, over the years, the media, journalism and writers have played a very important role in changing the real meaning of the word hacker. They themselves are very confused in the term Hacker and a Cracker. A typical definition of a Hacker, that today comes to you mind is that a Hacker, is a person who tries to gain unauthorized access to any property and computers. The term Hacker came as slang from the computer world. So, different people have given different definitions to it. But what remains the common point is, that whenever you hear the word hacker, the first think that comes to your mind is always negative and bad. However, the real meaning of a hacker is a programmer who really finds it thrilling to learn more about it, who likes to explore more details about the programming language and hence stretches his or her capabilities more than any average person.

Crackers are people who get cheap thrill out of cracking computer codes, and breaking into systems. Hence, these are the people who have negativity around them and they only believe in breaking or cracking an access to any kind of system that they have no authorization to. They are malicious annoying people who try to uncover sensitive information by poking their unwanted nose everywhere. Hackers on the other hand are knowledgeable and responsible people. They like to take intellectual challenges and like to overcome all limitations that are there in a particular system. Learning to hack is not very easy. It is a special gift that is only given to a selected few. Only people who are good in searching and keeping themselves updated about the latest technology are the one who are blessed with it. Only being good with computers does not qualify one to be a good hacker. Some people also reapply their hacking knowledge to different fields like music and electronic. It is also said the every hacker is independent of any kind of hack he does, call it in the computer field or elsewhere. Hackers are known to be ethical, wise in their practice.

The realty is: ‘Hackers build things, crackers break them.’

Today the hacker world has been given 3 different names. The White hat hackers, who do all the good things and are positively motivated people, Then we have the Black hat hackers also called the crackers who are usually into negative work of cracking and breaking into someone’s system and finally the third and the last are the grey hat hackers who explore the best of both the worlds. To conclude, we can say that Hackers are people who are skilled programmers that work for a positive cause or a goal, either for themselves or for an organization which could be private as in an industry or for the government.

The thinking of a hacker is very much the same as that of a good program developer. Hackers who have been successful have developed a common strategy over a period of time. This strategy is to very patiently and carefully document every step, which is what the programmers do. They are good at analyzing and following a methodical approach of investigation. So when they start they don't have much as in the background, they start from the starch and gradually build what is called the entire roadmap or game plan.

  1. The typical thinking of a Hacker is that, they believe that the world is full of ongoing problems which continuously need solutions to it. So looking for solutions should be the ultimate aim and not giving up till the time the problem is cracked.
  2. Another fundamental that they work on is that, the same wheel should not be invented twice as it will be a waste of time and effort both. Brains with creativity should be used for new proposes and not older ones. So, they believe in the theory that time is precious and make the best out of it.
  3. The third fundamental truth that they believe in is that, repetition is what leads to success and no word like boredom can be found in their dictionary.
  4. The next good thing they believe in is Freedom. Most of the hackers work independently and that is a strong foundation for them to grow. It is said that freedom has no limit to the growth of an individual.
  5. No replacement for a good attitude. An attitude to fight and not flight. One can give up whenever he or she wants. It is only the attitude that makes you different from the other.
  6. Hackers believe in a value system that is not negotiable and do not compromise on it, because if they do then they would be crackers and not hackers.

Documentation is said to be the wisest thing that any developer a simple programmer or a hacker maintains. At times finding solutions is so difficult that is only the documentation that can help one understand the entire process all over again. It is like hunting for a treasure hunt in a jungle with small clues that take you to the next clue and one step closer to the final gift.

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