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  • I want to be a hacker without schooling.. I can be ur anything just teach me how.. PM me 😀

  • OurYesterdaysDie

    I want to be a hacker no schooling, please accpet me.

  • Raven

    Check out and look for me SirRaven

  • Paul

    just wondering how many feds are watching this site lol

  • Roxanne

    Last two totally sound like feds lol xD

  • 0o8o0

    52ds3F3c 32h3c4tc K56c6cF6

  • 0o8o0

    1 -Y35 0W+H 2 F!M-1x| 3M πce 83 w1tH ztr4w5 A4ronnor4A @n0nYmous

  • noname virus

    i want to be a professional hacker

  • xNet8


  • herick

    Quero muito ser um hacker profissional queria aprender qualquer coisa me ajudem please !

  • drako

    Quiero Ser profesional y me gusta esta página gracias

  • carlos

    todos queremos ser una fuerza que ayude el bien de nuestro país por eso debemos luchar por lo que nos conviene a todos y deben que dejar que nos unamos a Anonymous yo soy mexicano y no sirve el gobierno de mexico.

  • Jessica Lynn Jacobovich

    Anyone willing to teach me some things. Totally new to this just trying to learn more

  • rfrege

  • Ив Величкова

    Is this alive ?

  • Psyruh the day crow

    hey, can someone anonymously help me to understand the hacking basics? I am completely new at this shit, but I am motivated, my prime motivator being I want to help in any way I can to better understand how I can bring change. I just ask first in fairness and equity that someone could assist me anonymously, and i say this only because i don’t need to know anything else except what i can learn with the first key points to getting started.

  • Sunaidi Reigien

    Aku gc paham bahasanya ?

  • Abdwla

    Hello Iwant work for you?

  • Abdwla


  • Abdwla

    Im hacker I steel 500.000.dolar

  • Abdwla

    In bank

  • M.Andika.N.S

    Hello my name is Andika

  • M.Andika.N.S

    how to hack Facebook account with a pc

  • M.Andika.N.S

    i am from Indonesia

  • Dani

    How to make money on the internet on the internet please help me

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